Are you Considering A Green Funeral?

Think Carbon Neutral Instead

Green is a label. Carbon Offsetting is an action.

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We are unlike most carbon offsetting companies as we

A funeral is not just a service, it is a unique tribute to our loved ones. Whilst ‘green funerals’ may echo the person’s life and personality, the reality is that every funeral has a negative impact on our environment.

We support a variety of tree planting projects across the globe from reforestation in Madagascar, rebuilding wildlife habitats in Kenya to creating new community orchards in the UK.

0.24-0.29t co2

Is how much CO2 the average UK funeral creates. It is impossible to narrow this figure as each fineral is unique to the individual. This is why any tree planted through ourselves offsets a minimum of 0.3t CO2.

We personally pick the projects we support

Kenyan Trees


Trees in Nepal


Trees in Haiti


Trees in Madagascar


Want to do more?

Plant a Memorial Forest

You can purchase a tree for every attendee at the funeral with our memorial forests.